DanceLink provides team dance competitions as part of every dance competition. Competitive dance teams should register as a team and send the details of their routine through email after registering online. The following detail are necessary for all team registrations:

  • Team name
  • Song
  • Ability level
  • Style or category of routine
  • Average Age
  • Stage or gym preference when available
  • Length of routine
  • Number of dancers for the routine

Team dance competitions are separated into three categories:

  • Beginner: generally 2 years of training or less, most beginner dancers have not previously won a competition
  • Intermediate: 2-4 years of training, most intermediate dancers have won at least one beginner competition
  • Advanced: 4+ years of training, most advanced dancers have won more than one intermediate dance competition

DanceLink presents DanceLink TEAM Competiton!!

Due to some medical issues the 2019 Competition Dates have been cancelled.

We apologize for any inconvenience and want to thank you for your understanding!

We will be back in 2020 so watch for those dates!

Thanks so much!!!

The team entry fees will be $35 per dancer for their first dance, $25 per dancer for their second dance & $18 per dancer for each additional dance.

There will be no admission charge at the door on either Friday or Saturday.
Your dancers can invite as many spectators as they like with no admission fee.
This will mean no waiting lines to get into the venue.
No wristbands needed for teachers or dancers.
No need for hand checkers at the doors inside the venue.

We are really excited with these changes and hope you can also see the benefits!

To pay online figure total number of dancers for each routine. Add all routine totals together and put that total in the quantity box. Then SEND TEAM ROUTINE lists via email or mail with the following information:

Team Name/Song, Ability Level, Style/Category of routine, Average Age, Stage or Gym preference when applicable, Length of Routine and # of Dancers for each routine.

Just be sure to include ALL REQUESTED information from our entry form!!! Including all information below:


Total number of dancers counting each dancer only once (for individual awards).
Total number of female dancer counting each one only once (for dressing rooms).
Total number of male dancer counting each one only once (for dressing rooms).
Total number of Teachers (for hospitality room information).

Hip Hop

Some categories may be combined according to the amount of entries received in each style.
Ability: Teams are divided by ability levels in Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced. Please be sure to enter the correct categories and division, to help us provide a professional and honest event for all competitors.

Beginning – Basic turns up to single pirouettes – 1 to 2 years training – please be sure they are truly beginning dancers.
Intermediate – turns up to a double pirouette – attempting fouettes – 2 to 4 years training – basic leaps.
Advanced – continuous fouettes, triple pirouettes or more – 5 or more years of training – switch leaps and other advanced leaps.
Age: Teams are divided by age levels. Please calculate the average age of each routine by adding the ages of all the
dancers in that routine and dividing it by how many dancers are participating in that routine. Please do not estimate!!!

Size: Teams are divided by size. A team consists of 5 or more dancers. Solos, Duets & Trios compete usually on Friday (see solo entry).

Divisions: All divisions are kept small. There will never be more than 4 to 5 routines in one division. The average is 3 routines per division.

One EXTRA LARGE Trophy will be awarded to each participating studio entering 12 or more routines. One LARGE Trophy will be awarded to each participating studio entering 5 to 11 routines. One Small Trophy will be awarded to each participating studio entering 4 or less routines. All team contestants will receive an individual award.

Entry Deadline is February 1st!!

DanceLink and Utah Dance Championships host family oriented events.

Costumes, choreography and music must be appropriate for all audiences.

Final competititon information will be sent via email to participating team directors approximately seven to 10 days prior to event date!

The solo competitions will be all be held on Friday and team competitions on Saturday unless otherwise stated!